Know someone that always refuses to see the doctor when they’re unwell? Is this person similar to someone that refuses to let go of their losing position?

Here are 4 reasons why refusing to see a doctor is like holding onto a losing position.

#1 Overconfidence 

You are overconfident of your immune system to clear the virus. You insist you don’t need a trip to the doctor’s to get prescribed medicine. Sometimes you think the medicines you get from the pharmacy are enough to fight the illness.

People holding on to losing positions are often overconfident when choosing the stock. In some cases, this might be true. Their analysis and research on the company might have been thorough, and the stock does eventually show the results. However, this overconfidence is often a negative investing trait.

Overconfidence is common among investors. They perceive their skills and analysis to be superior to that of others. Many people overestimate their capabilities, and accuracy of their predictions

No one is superior to the market. We are at the mercy of it.

#2 Denial

You shake off big issues as small issues.

You insist your cold is a common cold, just sinus or simply high sensitivity to the environment. Your “common cold” might just be a virus that will pass to your family members, friends, and colleagues. It’s better to be sure.



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