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    Thinking of gaining some investing knowledge? Perhaps you have been spending some time reading up on a variety of different websites and believe that it is now time for you to enrol into a course to better understand more.

    After reading so many great local websites, you are hardly able to figure out the differences between these finance courses. Perhaps they all look equally good to you.

    We have done a comparison across the major websites that are offering finance courses and here is some information that you might find useful.

    Typically, investment strategies are split into two categories: Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. Although each of the finance course offers either one of the investment strategies, they also offer their insight, thus making each finance course different.

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    The guys behind Big Fat Purse (BFP) believe that since our trading amount is different from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, we should not follow what their investment strategies are. Instead, we should all aim to buy great companies at wonderful prices.

    To us, that sounds great! But how do you identify some of these companies?

    BFP tends to focus their online investment courses on metrics such as Conservative Net Asset Value (CNAV), Price-to- Book (PB) and Price-to-Earnings (PE) ratios. BFP also look at the profitability, operating efficiency and financial position (termed as POF Score) to make investment decisions. These metrics help them identify “winners” in the stock market.

    Like many finance courses, BFP also covers the exit strategies for the invested stocks.

    The Fifth Person


    The Fifth Person (TFP) has rolled out 2 online courses – The Investment Quadrant and the Dividend Machine. These online courses are targeted at investors with different investment goals.

    For Investment Quadrant, TFP covers a 4-step thought process in making an investment decision. That is, the business model, looking at the financials, assessing the management and applying different valuation methods to different sectors. The course also covers the optimization of portfolio, entry and exit strategies.

    As for the Dividend Machine course, it is designed to for investors who are looking to invest in dividend stocks and REITs to generate streams of passive income. However, the registration of this course is now closed.

    In addition, TFP also spends time looking at stocks outside of Singapore as well.

    Investment Moats


    Does everything come with a price? Not for Investment Moats (IM). Free resources such as trackers for stock portfolio and dividend (dated all the way back from 2004) and calculators for the cost of owning a car, wealth building, and properties are readily available on the website.

    Topics like growing and managing wealth, identifying good and bad businesses, analysis on the market outlook, and investing in international markets, are also regularly discussed on the website.

    Collin Seow

    For those who are keen on trading instead of investing, Collin Seow has rolled out the Systematic Trader Program which covers the essential knowledge for technical analysis. This program also covers other investment instruments such as CFDs and bonds, which are not frequently emphasized.

    If you do go for the course, be mentally prepared to be looking at tons of charts.

    Trading with Rayner

    Trading with Rayner offers 2 guidebooks to technical analysis when you sign up their mailing list! The guidebooks cover the “how to” in detecting price actions and trend. Furthermore, the website also has a 60 mins webinar – a step-by-step guide to the best risk to reward trading setups.

    SGX Academy

    For organisation level, SGX has investor education seminars and workshops which are conducted by the industry experts.

    SGX often conducts their seminars and workshops at SGX centre. Their programmes are also classified into Beginner, Intermediate and Professionals to meet the different needs of individuals. If you are new to investing, you would probably find yourself enrolling in their beginner courses.

    A Course For Every Individual? 

    There is no shortage of good, credible courses that will provide you with useful knowledge and investor education. All of the above courses would teach you, in their own ways, methods to become a better investor or trader.

    The list above is non-exhaustive and the content provided from various finance courses are different. It is important to think about your investment goals and decide which course is in line with you.


    Source: http://dollarsandsense.sg/basic-guide-to-great-investment-courses-available-in-singapore/

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